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Raaha and Ríaan 

What is Human Trafficking?

Could you recognize it if you saw it? Human Trafficking comes in so many forms that aren't always discussed or considered. In each variation, however, it involves the use of force, fraud, or coercion to obtain some type of labor or commercial sex act. Traffickers use a variety of schemes and acts of manipulation to lure victims into trafficking scenarios. There are many myths and misconceptions about human trafficking which often lead to cases remaining undetected. For victims, acts that constitute human trafficking often feel normal because they are trapped by their circumstances. Traffickers, prey on vulnerable populations because they know that victims will hesitate to seek help or report offenses. In such situations, understanding common indicators of human trafficking is the first step in recognizing victims. It can help save a life. Human trafficking of children is on the riseRaaha and Ríaan can help parents, teachers, social workers, and other advocates have meaningful discussions about this life-threatening topic. These discussions can help relieve the fear and anxiety children may have about seeking help for themselves or others.  

Mental health and medical professionals know that a child will sometimes suffer because they don't know how to express what they have experienced. By having the tools they need to better understand what the child may have experienced in the past, these professionals can offer advice and solutions for parents and children alike. Raaha and Ríaan can open doors of conversation to allow children to express themselves in these situations and gives professionals a way to communicate impactfully for success.

For Immigration attorneys and other lawyers who work with immigrant clients, success is fully dependent on their ability to communicate, explain, and understand their client's history. Many know that immigrant families try to shield children from the realities of their past suffering. Raaha and Ríaan empowers families, children and their lawyers to work together for stronger outcomes. 

Those who make the laws are in the best position to make better laws that serve the people they represent and the communities impacted by immigration laws. The story of Raaha and Ríaan helps those legislators understand the subtle nuances that can differentiate people coming to the U.S. from those who become victims. In the legislative conversation about the rights of parents and children, ensuring their safety should be paramount. When families thrive, so do societies. 

Children who have experienced traumatic events may not know how to communicate their feelings, their fears, or their questions, Raaha and Ríaan give them allies to help them express themselves and find their own paths to freedom. 

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