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Meet Our Friends

Representation matters. The ability to see yourself in the people and stories around you can have a profound impact on a child's well-being. By seeing others like themselves in books, movies, t.v. shows and social media, children can experience a sense of belonging. Here are some of Aaliyah's friends who can help children feel seen and heard. Together, they can experience a connection to each other and the world around them. 

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Our American Dream highlights different immigrant stories and is inspired by author Fiona McEntee's real-life clients, family, and friends. Our American Dream is the first in a series that celebrates immigrants and immigration. The book is available for sale at

We Belong: A Poem of Courage & Resilience For Immigrant Kids is a moving poem to celebrate the joys and struggles of immigration in America, from Ellis Island to Angel Island and beyond. It offers historical context and showcases the immense contributions of immigrants to our nation's growth and success. The book is for sale on Amazon

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