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Aaliyah can help...

1.  Parents talk to children about what is happening

Talking to children about hard subjects can feel overwhelming. Immigration enforcement and the impact it has on their family can be difficult to explain to children so they understand. This is where Aaliyah The Brave can help. Through her story, parents can help the child in their life understand the changes occurring at home and why they should not be fearful.

2. Teachers talk to students about immigration laws

Teachers, especially those involved in early childhood education, are often at the frontline of so many issues. Whenever things change in a child's life, behavior changes are usually first seen in school. For teachers, Aaliyah can help start a conversation that may help explain a child's sudden behavior change so teachers can continue to ensure the child's well-being.    

3.  Therapists and doctors talk to children about their feelings

Mental health and medical professionals know that a child will sometimes suffer because they don't know how to express what they are feeling. By having the tools they need to better understand what the child is experiencing, these professionals can offer advice and solutions for parents and children alike. Aaliyah becomes a partner in these situations and gives professionals a way to communicate impactfully for success.

4.   Lawyers talk to clients and families about what to expect 

For Immigration attorneys and other lawyers who work with immigrant clients, success is fully dependent on their ability to communicate, explain and educate clients and families about immigration enforcement tactics and immigration court proceedings. Many know that immigrant families try to shield children from the realities of the immigration system. In this case, Aaliyah empowers families, children and their lawyers to work together for stronger outcomes. 

5.  Lawmakers talk to one another about why laws must change

Those who make the laws are in the best position to make better laws that serve the people they represent and the communities impacted by immigration laws. Aaliyah serves as a reminder that children in the immigration system, in particular enforcement efforts, must be considered. In the legislative conversation about children's rights, their best interest should be paramount. When children thrive, so do societies. 

6.   Children talk to adults about their questions

For children who don't know how to communicate their feelings, their fears, or their questions, Aaliyah is the friend who provides them a voice. Together, they can learn and know how truly brave they are. 

Asliyah The Brave
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